Live Oak Equipment Finance


Why finance? Why Live Oak?

Using Financial Options As Tools

Low Cost of Borrowing

The current interest rate market is extremely favorable to borrow money. Using a tax-exempt financing product helps to further drive down the interest cost. Whether you are considering adding new fire trucks to your fleet or upgrading your HVAC system, interest rates are in your favor, which means you can get a better return for your money.  

highly flexible

We are happy to offer highly flexible financing options. Pushing back your first payment to the next budget year allows you to get your equipment when you need it, without breaking your budget.

Quick turnaround

We know you want to put your new equipment into service as soon as possible or your project completed quickly.  Therefore, we are committed to doing everything we can to facilitate the process by being proactive and responsive to your requests.  

Live Oak Works For You


At Live Oak, integrity is paramount.  It is the basis for all of our day-to-day, transaction decisions and a top priority when adding to our team.  When you're looking to form long lasting and meaningful relationships with your clients and business partners, integrity and honesty are the building blocks.  With integrity as our compass, tough decisions become easy.


When working with us you will quickly realize we are completely transparent.  You are always up-to-date because we keep you informed.  All aspects of the transaction are discussed, disclosed, and up-front to ensure there are never any surprises.


We are committed to being available to help you in any manner you need and want you to enjoy working with us.  To accomplish this goal, we work tirelessly to be efficient in completing the transaction and do it in a friendly manner.